lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

Snow & That place that I call Paradise

Extreme Damage de Blog on the run, me ha hecho un regalo increíble ! Hace algún tiempo se puso en contacto conmigo para ver si podía traducir alguno de mis relatillos, a mí me pareció una idea maravillosa, y AQUÍ ESTÁN!!!

Muchísimas gracias, ExtremeDamage, no sabes la ilusión que me ha hecho!!!

**Translation for “Nieve” by Noelia Amarillo (SP)

Does all mark we leave on our lives is erased like footprints on the snowfall? Is all covered, bleached, disguised? I hope tomorrow dawns without snow ... or maybe not. Let it snow so my girls can play with it ... the wind will bring me its joy of cold hands and rosy noses.

That place that I call Paradise.
**Translation for “El lugar al que llamo paraíso.” by Noelia Amarillo (SP)

He lay her on the forest floor. A bed made up of fallen leaves embraced their eager bodies.

Even being blind, or maybe for this reason, she felt him in every pore of her skin, she saw him in every sigh of her imagination, she heard every beat of his heart.

He was lying beside her, caressing her, kissing her, loving her.

Anna took a deep breath, filling her senses with the smell of the moist earth emanating from the skin of her lover.

She ran through his body, lingering on the taste of rainwater that, a few minutes before, forced them to seek shelter. The essence of both exploded in her mouth to the rhythm of the strokes of their tongues. Her thoughts were filled with images of nature powered by the sun. And they loved. Oh, they loved each other as only two lovers can.

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